Leadership Matters Most When the Music Stops

I always wondered if my generation would ever have a mega event that challenged us in a way that past ones have other generations. Thankfully we have missed out on so many of the major events that our relatives battled in their lifetimes including Spanish flu, The Great Depression, The Dust Bowl, World War 2, […] Read Full Post

On Travel & Tradeoffs as a Dad

I couldn’t believe I was crying. It was 11 PM and I was standing on the sidewalk on Boylston St. in Boston as people were filing past me on both sides and here I was with tears streaming down my face. I had been glued to my phone all night. The Lake Travis Youth Association […] Read Full Post

Celebrating New Leadership

I am so excited to announce some very big news today – Zilker Media is promoting brand strategy director Paige Velasquez to chief executive officer, effective July 1. This is a promotion that has been in the works for some time, beginning with a conversation she and I had last summer about my belief that […] Read Full Post

What Word is Guiding Your 2018?

Happy New Year! I had to do a double-take typing in “2018” in the title of this blog post. It feels more like the dateline of a sci-fi movie I rented at Blockbuster back in middle school than the year we currently find ourselves in. But here we are and I hope your 2018 is […] Read Full Post

Announcing the Launch of Zilker Media

I have some big news to share today on the blog! It is my true pleasure to announce that I have come to an agreement with my colleagues at Advantage Media Group, who acquired Shelton Interactive early in 2016, that provides an open door for me to do two things I really want to do […] Read Full Post

extpressing gratitude

The Ripple Effect of Expressing Gratitude

In early January I got a very thoughtful letter from one of my favorite young bucks in Austin, Wes Fang, who recently decided to make 2016 a year focused on thanksgiving and vulnerability in his life. His expression of gratitude not only humbled me, but it also got me thinking about the power of expressing […] Read Full Post

How I Set Yearly Goals (And a Look at My 2016 Goal Set)

Have you finished your 2016 goals yet? Of course you have. I’m sure they’re already laminated and on the wall. Or, maybe more likely, they’re on your smartphone in some kind of cool app I should be using. Good for you. I just finished mine today and thought I’d begin an adventure in goal-setting accountability […] Read Full Post