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extpressing gratitude

The Ripple Effect of Expressing Gratitude

In early January I got a very thoughtful letter from one of my favorite young bucks in Austin, Wes Fang, who recently decided to make 2016 a year focused on thanksgiving and vulnerability in his life. His expression of gratitude not only humbled me, but it also got me thinking about the power of expressing […] Read Full Post

How I Set Yearly Goals (And a Look at My 2016 Goal Set)

Have you finished your 2016 goals yet? Of course you have. I’m sure they’re already laminated and on the wall. Or, maybe more likely, they’re on your smartphone in some kind of cool app I should be using. Good for you. I just finished mine today and thought I’d begin an adventure in goal-setting accountability […] Read Full Post

Five Ways Authors Can Get the Most out of Twitter

Not all social media channels are created equal. This is particularly true for authors looking to grow an audience for their message. You see, social media channels exist on a spectrum. On one side of the spectrum sit relationship-sustaining channels, like Facebook, where we spend our time staying connected with people, celebrities and brands that […] Read Full Post