In a media environment where branding, social media, PR and marketing are changing at breakneck speed, it’s more important than ever for meeting planners to have access to unique and fresh insight that cuts through the clutter and provides a roadmap for what works and what doesn’t.

I love to speak to audiences who are sick of social media and marketing speakers that stay general and rely on the same old platitudes we’ve heard a million times.

Leveraging case studies from my own work with some of the world’s biggest brands and thought leaders, I teach audiences of all sizes how to use Authority Marketing to build a bigger personal brand, grow your business and make an impact.

I want to hear more about your next event and explore whether or not I may be a great fit as a speaker. Please email me here to start that conversation.

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Mastering the New Media Landscape

With the seismic changes occurring in the media environment how can marketers stay ahead of the curve and integrate social media, PR and other marketing efforts for the most effective outcome? This keynote shows the roots of rented, earned and owned media and how to maximize each for marketing success.

10 Steps to a Fantastic Online Brand

This keynote will peel back the curtain to share the secrets behind the 10 steps that helped Shelton Interactive build brands for some of the biggest thought leaders in the world. This 10-step plan combines insights from the changing worlds of publicity, social media, and marketing to help you cut through the clutter and build a large platform. You will leave this keynote with a clear roadmap you can follow to find a large following and get more publicity for you and your book.

Welcome to the Age of Micromedia

We have entered a new media environment, one in which every individual and brand is a media outlet, whether they know it or not. Those who embrace the opportunity to build a direct connection with their audience will prospect in the new media landscape while those who wait will fall behind. This keynote will show the audience why thinking more like a member of the media than a marketer is the key to growing a larger platform in the modern media landscape.

Keynotes customized to your audience

Most of Rusty’s keynote speeches are designed specifically for the audience’s needs, so if you have a certain topic in mind, please email him to talk more about it.


ReWrite Conference—2015

The Power of Personal Branding