I got my first opportunity to give a keynote at the age of 23, which wouldn’t have been so intimidating if the audience wasn’t full of Harvard Medical School alumni. I remember giving practice runs of that speech to the wall in my office every work day for a month before I headed up to Boston. It went well and was the start of many meaningful relationships. I’ve been inspired to teach ever since.

As the media environment changed in the years since, the opportunity to teach and connect with people like you has also expanded. I love taking questions on the blog, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or via email. You can also join my email list to receive a monthly digest from me on how you can improve your platform or grab a copy of our new book, Mastering the New Media Landscape.

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As part of my work with Advantage Media Group, I love to consult directly with thought leaders and companies to help them master the new media landscape and grow the size of their audience. Visit the consulting page to learn more about having a consulting engagement that is tailored to your specific needs.

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I speak regularly around the country on the changing world of marketing, PR and social media. Learn more about my most popular keynote topics, upcoming events and how to set up a time for us to chat so I can learn more about your next event.

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sheltonbannerI started Shelton Interactive in the summer of 2010 to help clients start conversations that matter. We work with a variety of clients, from large brands to individual thought leaders to help them make a positive impact with their message. Earlier this year we were acquired by Advantage Media Group, boosting momentum.

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