“I can always count on Rusty to provide spot-on, target market creative ideas. I appreciate working with someone who doesn’t rely on the ‘business as usual’ mantra.”

Stephanie Newton Publicity Director—Thomas Nelson

“With the guidance and assistance of Rusty Shelton and his talented team, I was able to go from less-than-zero to 60 with my goal of establishing a social media platform for my personal passion. Having no Facebook, no idea what a Twitter hashtag was, and no blogging experience, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to begin. In a matter of several months of working with Shelton Interactive, I was able to build a solid social media presence, become sought after as an expert for multiple media interviews, and see my Shelton-created website The Breast Diaries take off, with likes, shares, and over 2000 pageviews each week. To my own amazement, I’ve been named a Top 10 Online Influencer regarding breast cancer, as well as one of the Top 20 Physicians Mentioned by Their Peers on breast cancer. I’ve been a contributor to The Atlantic and KevinMD.com. I now have a literary agent and I’m working on a book proposal. None of this would have happened without Shelton Interactive. An added bonus is that these folks are some of the most pleasant, responsive, friendly people I have ever worked with. Dreams can become a reality if you have the right team helping you to succeed. Shelton Interactive is that team.”

Dr. Stacey Vitiello Leading physician in breast imaging

“Rusty Shelton’s coaching on social media enabled me to build a web platform that within a year expanded traffic a hundredfold and laid the basis for continuing growth of my web presence. He opened doors that now have sitting CEOs and other leaders contacting me for coverage. Special plus: working with Rusty is fun!”

Steve Denning Author, Forbes Columnist and Former Program Director, Knowledge Management at the World Bank